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Share the new anti-dairy BART ads, you could win awesome vegan prizes!


imageAs you may have heard, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition won free ad space on BART for the third year in a row! Congrats, you guys! In part thanks to many of our readers voting I’m sure. Well, the ads have launched! And they are already getting some nice coverage.

This year, I…

ugh i want to skip class so bad today, but we’re only allowed one skip the whole semester because it only meets once a week. AH but im tired and i dont want to go or learn about theories.


pie eating contest?
nah son free pie


when an entire class of elementary school kids gets on stage to half-ass a performance on their recorders for their parents in the audience, would that technically be dissonant/freeform/chaotic enough to qualify as musique concrete? was i accidentally a noise musician for a day in 3rd grade? are all elementary school music teachers really just radical outsider artists on the low?

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Person: So, what are your interests?



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when ur running down the stairs with no bra on


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you too turrrrrnt

Martha Rosler. Housing is a Human Right, 1989